Be the Change You Want to See in the World

How can you be the Change in the World?

So, where do we start where we can even have the idea that what we do could be an instrument of change in the world? Let me tell you a little about my story. Growing up with immigrant parents I always felt I was a little different, not quite fitting in, a little out of the mainstream. Now I realize that was not unique to my circumstances and that many of us feel, that we don’t quite fit in or are Not Enough.


This Not Enough or Not Deserving to do all the things that we set our hearts on or had dreamed of doing or being stops many from their passion and success. What can get us past the Not Enough or Not Good Enough Experience where what we do could be a positive impact on others?



There are very few, if any of us that can get through life without some challenges that test the metal of what we are made of. For some, it could be abusive parents, divorce, illness, loneliness, depression, troubled relationships, death of significant person, things that blindside us when we least expect it, things we have no control of. I had the blind sided, unexpected.  So how do you deal with it? You can become a victim, but that is a very unproductive choice.


I read a book that saved my life. The book was Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. What I learned from Dr.Viktor Frankl who was an M.D., Ph.D. an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor, is that bad stuff can happen to any one of us. He came through the worst circumstances that any human being could ever have gone through in the camps at Auschwitz, losing all of his family. How did he survive and then make it afterwards? What was his Solution? He decided that he would be a Responder to the circumstances and not a Victim. He came out of the experience with the heart of a man who was not a victim and became a model for me for the rest of my life. For me having Purpose is essential to being a happier person with direction and for my life to have meaning.
I would become the model for my children as a person who when handed a lemon would make lemonade. Viktor Frankl believes we need to have Purpose for our lives to have meaning. He believes in the human spirit and in what we can become. I believe we can always decide to take the next step forward and move in the direction we want to go. We just need to take each step one at a time.


By my nature I was driven and I needed to be more effective in helping my family financially, and be able to be at home to raise our girls. I wanted to create an income that would make a difference from just making it, to thriving and allowing us to have a lot more fun and really enjoy life. I was looking for a vehicle that would allow me to help my family and to satisfy my need to be of greater service to others.
It was in this process I discovered Network Marketing. Like so many moms who would like to create an income from home, I wanted to be home to raise my family. I discovered a product that made a difference for me and my family and I shared it with others.
The Referral Marketing model, allowed me to be paid for my effort and also served my need to help others. In this process I became Leader to thousands in my company and allowed me to help many and also be acknowledged for that effort.
My desire to make a difference led me to learn more about people who did make a difference. Your choice to make a difference may be entirely different.  I wanted to let you know one of the ways I chose to help my family and also help others.
The phrase ”Be the Change you want to see in the World” that is attributed to Ghandi has had an impact on me to become a better human being. This phrase to me means that it has to start with me. So how do we become “The Change” we want to see? I want the world to be more fair. I want us to protect our earth, our only home, I would like to treat people the way that I want to be treated.
It means that we need to be pro-active when we see injustice. I also want everyone to be able to experience prosperity and to live with their expectations exceeded. The world is an abundant place, but not all are able to experience that. When you have abundance there is more that you can do to help others.
First off, I needed to learn to become more compassionate with myself. It was easier to be kinder to others than it was to be kind to myself. I have been my harshest critic.  Anybody that can relate to that?  We are always hardest on ourselves.



During my Network Marketing experience, I have had wild success and I also know how difficult it can be where the struggle with rejection can be crushing and incapacitating. Duplication that does not happen is also devastating.


Is there another way that does create the income you need? I always wondered if what I was hearing about Online Marketing was Real where this rejection would not be experienced and success could be achieved.  Was there a way where skills could be learned and the mysterious could be learned? My Motto has been to Never Give Up. Because of that attitude, I did discover a way where rejection is gone and skills can be learned to have that be the case. There is a way where you can get your PhD in Online marketing and be successful.
Being of service and teaching what I know and am learning is my intent and to have fun doing it.  Learning how to Blog, do videos, learn how to use Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Build on a Budget, Develop a Sales Funnel. all these things you will be able to learn through my Blogs and Videos. There is a step by step process that leads to success.
My question to you is, “How can I help you?”
In Gratitude,

Johanna Baker
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