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How to set up a Blog?


You are thinking about setting up a Blog.Blog concept

What are the things you need to be thinking about?


First off you’ll need to think about what your purpose is for starting a Blog. Do you want to start a Blog to  teach others what you know who may need that information.  Will it be a Blog Branding what you know? Do you want to make money writing a Blog?


Either way you will need to have a platform to host your Blog. For most people having a Word Press site is the best option.  This Blog is built on a Word Press Platform.  You will need to have a Lead Capture Page to capture people’s information,   because  you must build a list.


What I like about Word Press is there are many formats to choose from and you can customize it to suit what you want to present . It’s like having your own location on the internet.  You will need a Domain Name and a Host for your site.


I have used GoDaddy for my names and my hosting.  There are others that you can check out. HostGator, DreamHost, Bluehost and 1&1. The cost of a Domain name is less than $15 a month.  Starter hosting packages cost less than $15 a month.  When you’re first getting started there are YouTube videos that can guide you through a lot of training on how to do things in the Word Press site.


Once you have your Word Press site you can choose Themes and Looks, install plugins that will enhance the functionality of your site,I found it fun to go through the different choices of pre-installed themes available to determine a starting place for how you want your Blog to look.


Here are a few of my favorite Plugins.


  • Word Press SEO by Yoast
  • Akismet *
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Widget Wrangler
  • Google Analytics by Yoast
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Share Buttons- By Add to Any
  • Updraft Plus – Back Up Ultimate
  • Google Analyticator
  • WP Super Cache
  • * Many of these Plugins are Free


Choose  Your Subject for your Bloggreat blog content label

You will need to be thinking about who you are writing for.  You need to write about something you that captures your interest and also what others are looking for.  Remember, it’s not about you, but who  you will be able to help with your writing.  Step back and think about your readers and your potential customers and what they need to know to be more successful. You will need to think about who your target market is.  What is their age, where are they in their life and what is it they are looking for.


Here are some things to think about

  • Is the topic something people are looking for?
  • Can you profit from what you write?
  • What is your competition?
  • Is there a gap you can fill?
  • Do you have interest and expertise?
  • Are their affiliate programs that you could join where you can make money?


What are some profitable subjects that people are interested in.

  • Health, making money, relationships are profitable subjects
  • There is always a way that you can figure at edge to reach your target market
  • Realize when you have others that are teaching similar things, there is a market for it
  • Getting the training and expertise, is not difficult if you are motivated to learn it
  • Figure out what you want to sell before you get started.



Figure out what you want to write about and the angle and niche where you will be able to assist others.  All the items that are listed above will need to be thought out so you know where you would like to go.  You may need some guidance and tools to figure this out.  I am here to assist you.

If you got value from this post, comment down below.  How does what you are interested in, products or services that you believe in make a difference and offer a solution for others?

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Johanna Baker

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What are the Benefits of Blogging?


You may be wondering what are the benefits of Blogging and why would I Blog or even consider it?

In my last Blog I wrote about the fact that “Change is a Constant”  in our life.  Since the 1950’s with the technological revolution, it feels that change is speeding up.   “By 2020, more than 40% of the US workforce will be so-called contingent workers, according to a study conducted by software company Intuit in 2010. That’s more than 60 million people that will be contract workers.”  Find out more here.


If 40% of the work force will be freelancers, what changes will individuals need to be making  with so many no longer employed directly by companies and working as contractors? How will we stand out as the one that will get the job done? This brings us to a concept of becoming an expert and “Branding”.   Because,  we have all become Googlers for information on the internet, it’s important to develop a Presence Online where we can be found.  this is where the concept of “Branding” ourselves becomes important.

How can you help others with what you know?

What skills do you bring to the table? How could you help others with the expertise you possess?  Think about what you are good at and if need be, what could you learn that would be valuable to others that you can teach.   People are always looking for information and how to do something.  What unique perspective and expertise that makes you more valuable can you bring to the marketplace?

Josep M Rovirosa

You need to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you should have your own Blog. Even if you are an employee, you should have your own Blog.  Because of all the changes happening, we need to be thinking about a Plan B.  We need to be ready for what may happen next.


What would you do if you knew  if your job could change or disappear?  There have been articles written about how to become indispensable in your job. See it here.  To make yourself indispensable, you will need to be able to sell yourself and all the things you are bringing to the work you do.  This could make the difference in keeping your job.


For some, thinking about a Plan B, may mean starting something on the side of what they are already doing.  It may mean starting a business.  Gaining skills always makes us more attractive in whatever we are doing and is essential if we decide to venture out into something new.  If you Blog you will gain credibility and authority which will make you more valuable to the people who need what you have to offer.  Your job is to create valuable content.  This valuable content is just one of the metrics used by Google to rank how you will show up when Googled.

How would lawyers and attorneys benefit?

Every year there are 40,000 law students and only half of  them are able to work as lawyers.  Those are terrible statistics that half of the students don’t become lawyers. It sure makes you wonder what happens to all those that can’t work in the profession they chose?


Wouldn’t it be valuable for these students to be taught how to market their capabilities?   They should be doing this as an undergraduate. They should have a Blog and be  learning to Brand themselves. They will need to do this as an attorney and if they don’t become a  lawyer and end up doing something else.  Law schools teach them to know the law and become good technicians, but not how they will need to market themselves later.happy_woman


Everyone needs to Brand themselves, you’ve got to be ready.  You need to be at the Top of the Food Chain in Online Marketing.  When you decide to put yourself on the internet the skill  you will need to learn is how to market yourself online. Change brings with it a “Huge Solution Economy” and the need for people  to fill that need.  See the change as Opportunity and you will be the winner, filling a need that others have.  Are the benefits of Blogging a way for you to move your life forward?


Robert Kiyosaki says the only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time. Is all your time spent in front of the TV? Paul Zane Pilzer says that Prosperity comes to those who do things the fastest. What I believe Paul means here, is that when you see a need and you seize the opportunity to do something to fill that need and you move quickly, you have the best chance of success.


When you invest in yourself you are building your Brain Capital, this allows you to become indispensable. This investment builds your resume. Once you have the Brain Capital, you’ve got to be able to market yourself.  As a Blogger there are a number  of ways to make money.  The ways to make money will be discussed later.

Are you ready for the changes coming by 2020?

With the statistics of 40% of the workforce being independent contractors by 2020, it is important to look ahead and be prepared for the changes ahead.  Could Blogging be a way to assist you in this preparation?  Develop a Mindset to succeed and be committed to figuring it out.


Truth is that none of us can do this on our own.   Be willing to learn and ask for help.


I will be writing more about  Blogging and  what you need to know and do.  I am here to assist you.


If you got value from this post, comment down below.  How does what you are interested in, products or services that you believe in make a difference and offer a solution for others?

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Johanna Baker

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Are you stuck……


Why would I ask  you, are you stuck?  stuck_in_mud_2_004







After the economic crash of 2008 things changed for me and I wondered if you also had dramatic changes that affected you after the crash of 2008?  The business I was in went into decline after what happened on Wall Street.  What changes did you experience?


Most people were caught off guard after a time of a great economy.  So many jobs were shipped overseas. Many, many people lost their homes because of the mismanagement of what the banks had done with selling and betting on bad mortgages. We as a society ended up paying the price for the banks bad and speculative ventures with a  big bank bailout.


Why do I bring this up?  Because it was a time of tremendous change,  many had to completely regroup to figure out what their next move would be.  Many had to downsize their possessions and put them into storage. Many were never able to retrieve their possessions.


Out of some people’s tragedy came opportunity, A & E has a series that is still going as we speak called Storage Wars.  Instead of going to garage sales to get bargains, people went to these storage sales, where people could find bargains.sw2_06132011_rk_1201


I’d like to have you take a fresh look at when change happens.  We know that change is a constant in our life.  Your brain should tell you when there is change, change brings problems, when there are problems, people need solutions, that is where you find opportunity.  This is where we as  entrepreneurs step in to solve problems. Not being stuck with our eyes closed, allows you to be open, creative, receptive to all the possibilities and solutions that will have you prosper.


When we offer solutions, we have prosperity.  What does prosperity do, it creates more change.  This is the Solution Economy.  You should embrace change and be mindful.  When you see a product or service for sale consider, is it one that is a result of change?  Not all are.


 Are all Products a result of Change or just making Products better?


As an example, a lot of women sell cosmetics, yes there are changes there because they are always making things better.  Because we live in a time of a quickening pace of technological change, some changes will be much more pronounced than others.


There can be monumental changes in technology and innovation that can change everything.  When there are big changes in science and technology, this is when  you as an entrepreneur, needs to tap in. This is where you can really win.   Check out the latest in stem cell technology and skin care.


There can be radical feats of innovation and technology and you need to be ready to see them.  Don’t put a spoon in where you could put a bucket in and really tap into getting your piece of the action. This is what we are doing when we work online because everything speeds up.


Online has been the big amplifier that has increased the velocity of this change.  Don’t you want to be a part of that? Things are not slowing down, the internet as well as the industrial technological changes are only going to be speeding up. Don’t be the one is stuck in the past.


You can stay stuck doing things the old fashioned way, or you can take a new look and see how the internet and learning to work online can make bigger changes for you.  In this day of age, you need to evolve or you will be revolving like those circular glass doors that keep you twirling around  in a circle at the entrance to hotels taking you around and around and not forward until you step out.  Have you ever thought about Blogging?  Do you need to learn more skills that can make you successful in the Online? andrae doors 5


If you got value from this post, comment down below.  How does what you are interested in, products or services that you believe in make a difference and offer a solution for others?

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Johanna Baker

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Internet Explorer is in its last days

Internet Explorer is in its last days

You may be saying….. Amen.  Or, you’re not surprised that  Internet Explorer is in it’s last IE symbol


You may not be surprised, with all the crashes and problems you’ve had with it.  On it’s 20th Birthday later this year, looking back at it’s peak,  it had 95% of it’s market share.


Now, it’s definitely on life support. Microsoft  has it’s hand loosely on the plug.


The new browser Spartan will be released with Windows 10  sometime in the fall of 2015, and may have some semblance in the new version.  It is sure to have the add on capabilities of Firefox and Google Chrome.


Internet Explorer or IE,   didn’t stay current with what was going with Firefox and Google Chrome and so it’s demise is only a short time away.

 How did Sears miss their chance?

Not keeping up with change is something that happens all the time, I think of Sears who had the most incredible catalog sales.


Sears didn’t see the opportunity to move with technology and Amazon came along and changed the entire market.


Change is the most inevitable constant we experience in our lives.


Because of this continuous change  and technology moving faster and faster, sometimes it feels like it’s harder to keep current.


Is there an option to stay current?


If you’ve been in network marketing and the home business arena you most likely have been taught to make your list and everyone is a prospect for what you have.  Wrong, and you’ve most likely experienced a lot of rejection  It may be time to learn a different way that will not leave you feeling like you have been a punching bag. How do I start on the internet


Learning how to draw people to you through attraction marketing is very appealing and works. But, how do you do that?


Having the right program and person to learn from is so important.  I spent the last year learning how to do online marketing and learned a lot and then discovered that the training was not completely truthful. Because it had huge holes in the how to do it right, I spent  money that did not lead me to successful advertising because key information was left out.  I am glad for the training, but when you become disillusioned, it may be  time for a change.


Choosing a trainer and training system where you can truly learn the basics is critical to your success. Don’t get me wrong, I learned many things, but there were holes, and when you are missing some critical elements, things don’t work very well and the extra income you were looking for in your project won’t be there.

 What System will help your success?

When you are looking or even if it’s where you are right now, you need to ask yourself some important questions., Do you have a system that allows you to  have an effective marketing program?  That is what everyone needs, without it, you are trapped by contacting everyone you know and trying to connect using the 3 foot rule . Or, you are spending a small fortune on leads that are supposedly looking for something to better their financial life.   What happens, is that  you are talking to people, who don’t want to be sold, about what you have. Remember, everyone likes to buy, but no one wants to be sold. They like to discover it.  That’s why the internet is so great.


You may be saying, I am only sharing.  When a person understands there is financial gain for the person sharing, their listening changes and they become uncomfortable, because they know you want them to buy from you.  To be really successful you need to have a target market and a continuous stream of people who want to talk to you and want what you have.

 Have you been speaking with Opportunity Leads?

If you are like me you have been through the process of talking to endless opportunity leads who didn’t sign up for anything on the internet that said they wanted to make more money.  They were looking for a job that will pay them for showing up and doing their tasks.  They don’t really want to make big changes in their life.


The other issue you have when talking to these leads, is that they don’t trust what you’re saying. Why, because they don’t know who you are, and that you are a trustworthy person and what you have is trustworthy.  Because of the shenanigans that have taken place on the internet and people that don’t know you, people are naturally skeptical.


So what do you do to make this change.  You need to find and follow a person that you do trust  and follow what they have to say.  If you are the one Blogging, then you will need to build that trust with your target market.  You will need to know of what you speak and how to help someone out of their dilemma of what is not working.


You will have to show them the system and how it works so they can make money online and learn the skills necessary to succeed online.

 Have you been stuck in the ways you are currently doing things

What  has been keeping you stuck from being able to move forward?  Remember change is constant.  If you are like I was,  take the first step and start to explore what you don’t know yet.


Don’t be a network marketer that continues to struggle doing the same thing hoping for different results… become the network marketer that can teach their team how to build their business. Provide tools beyond the traditional MLM world.


Show them the magic of attraction marketing.


If you got value from this post, comment down below. I want to know what makes you an attractive marketer!

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Johanna Baker


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Can a Home Business Change Your Life?

Can a Home Business really change your life?

older_couple_-_originalThere are many who have joined the home business industry with the intention of making money. How would things be different for you if you owned your own business? How could having a home business really change your life? It is very appealing to make money from home, make money online, not having to answer to anyone but yourself. Bringing home money to supplement the family’s income, supplementing retirement could change everything for you. No longer being in a state of worry about money, how would that feel?  Feeling that you finally have the control over your financial future is so freeing.


There are so many that lost their retirement income, savings when we had the economic crash.  Many are still having problems managing. Well paying jobs did not come back or were very slow to come back The reason a person entertains the idea of working from home in their own business is to make money. What does it take to be successful working from home?


It takes working harder for yourself and on yourself than you did for your company or your boss. You need to have the desire to change your life. It is fun and challenging to work from home. Working independently you don’t have anyone breathing over your shoulder to make sure you are doing what you need to be doing.  You also need to have the self discipline to work for yourself without anyone needing to encourage and demand that things get done at a certain time.  It is a way  that the average person can develop freedom that is unavailable in any other way.  Where else can you start with little investment, learn valuable skills, and create a very profitable business?


There needs to be a system to learn the skills that will make you successful. Your partnership with a person and a team is important. You may be working independently, but you also need guidance as you start your new venture that leads you through the system to success. Where else could you gain real freedom and purpose in your life?  When I talk about freedom, that’s time freedom, more personal freedom, financial freedom, giving you more time and resources to pursue your purpose and the things you would love to learn and do.  When you’re in a job, there is a ceiling on what you will be paid for the work you are doing. in your own home business there is no ceiling.200171390-001


In a world where we look for friendships, fun freedom from worry over money, peace of mind, this kind of community of learning and making money is life changing.


If you are a person that wants to explore how you can make changes in your life, please check out the following link that has a system to give you the skills to successfully create a business online.

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What Would Be The One Reason To Begin Your Own Home Internet Business?

Why Have Your Own  Internet Business?

It’s really very simple,  why you want to have your own internet business.  It is to generate additional income.  How much?  That depends on how much additional income you desire. Senior couple using tablet at home


When you are in a job, there are usually ceilings and rules that the management has decided about what the percentage increases will be year to year. To gain control of the what is possible to earn, you will need to be in your own business. Having your own business gives you more choice about what you can earn.


Traditional business will need a lot of capital to get started.  You will need Space to start your business, something you are selling, which means that you will need some kind of inventory.  This will require a business plan to take to the bank, if you require additional funds to rent space and buy inventory. Depending on what kind of business this is, it could be costly.  Any Franchise could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars where you will get training on what to do.

 What are the advantages of working from home?

The advantages of working from home are that you can start part time, choose the hours you can work to build a strong and sustaining business.  You are the one and only employee and to make it you will need to dedicate yourself to work hard and put in a lot of effort and dedicate yourself to your enterprise.  Noone is looking over your shoulder to make sure you get the work done.  Are you the kind of person that will work harder for you than you work for someone else?


To achieve success in your own home business, it will be up to you and the kind of lifestyle and income that you want, to put in the effort that will get you to your heart’s desire.  It will always be worth the effort because you will be able to earn as little or as much as anyone working around the world in a home business.  elderly woman working on  computer in the garden


When you work for someone else the possibility exists that your income could be snatched right from under you.  Also, there is no ceiling for what you would like to earn.  You are the only one who determines how much you will earn.  This is where your determination and long vision are so important.  Being able to control of how much money you will earn is in your hands. This is the big reason so many get started in an Online Business.


Because people no longer want to be constrained by what the job will pay, having the ability to learn a new way of creating income is why people chose to get into an Online Internet  Business.  With determination, learning some new skills it is possible to generate income that can supplement and make your lifestyle and that of your family’s life better and more comfortable.


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Is Your Income stagnant?

Is your income staying stagnant?

Are you in a situation where you work hard and your income and your wages are staying stagnant and you feel you can’t get ahead?Worried Senior Couple Sitting On Sofa Looking At Bills

You are not alone and I want to explain why and also offer you some hope of change. First it’s important to understand the present and where we are now. Our Economy in the US has grown faster in 2014 than any other economy in the world. By the numbers in the Congressional Budget Office the deficit has dropped by a third which is a 6 year low.

The Labor Department grew for 55 months straight and unemployment fell to 5.99% the lowest since July of 2008. Despite a robust recovery 56% of Americans are feeling behind financially,this is the same as it was in October 2008 during the breakdown of the Wall Street Financial Crisis. Why are so many despondent over the economy when it has been recovering?

President Obama in a recent CBS interview on 60 minutes talked about Ronald Reagan who would ask the question, “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” He continued with, the Economy is back and continued with the rhetorical question, then why are people not feeling it? For Obama in 2008 when we were going through a financial melt down, we are definitely better off than we were in 2008 than when he came into Office.

He believes people aren’t feeling better because income and wages have not gone up. Paychecks have not gone up and the average American’s paycheck is still not going up. These numbers are coming from Data Economist’s sites and the Census Record, GDP and Median Income Reports.

During Reagan’s first 6 years the GDP grew by 22% and income climbed by 6%.

During Bill Clinton’s first 6 years GDP grew 24% and income increased 11%.

During George Bush’s first 6 years GDP growth was 16% and median income decreased by 2%

During Obama’s first 6 years GDP grew 8% but decline in median income was 4%

Adjusting for inflation the middle class is 1% poorer than in 1989 when Reagan left Office. Obama’s approval rating is 43% and Ronald Reagan was 63% at the same time they were in Office.

Guess what the new employment report sees, that this trend is continuing. It won’t matter which party is in office if changes don’t take place. The average wage in the Private Sector decreased from $24.54 to $24.33. Why are wages stagnating and falling?

Nobody knows for sure. Usually when unemployment drops you can demand better wages, but that isn’t happening. Nobody knows why. Globalization with its endless supply of cheaper labor from around the world could be a reason, it could be technology that is replacing people with machines and software.

It could could be more technical factors.Unless the American people can feel a change for the people that have jobs this will have economic and political consequences in the future.

This data was taken from Fareed Zakaria CNN on 10/12/14

So now that you have had a reality check, what can you do to change your own financial situation? How many jobs can you work?great-idea

Could you add something to your life and go in a slightly different direction to help yourself and your family? What skills do you have that you might be able to monetize on the internet?

Remember the movie Julie and Julia?  This is where Julia tried out all of Julia Child’s recipes and then Blogged about it? Do you have a passion for something that you could Blog about?  Your life experience and being able to teach others what you know could be a stepping stone.

Being able to do something on the internet successfully may require learning some new skills; skills and teachers that will guide you to success.  Are you open to learning how you can Blog and do it profitably?

If you want to learn more about what it would take to Blog. There is an excellent eBook that teaches you what the Anatomy of a good Blog is. You can check it out by clicking here.

I have discovered that the internet is a way to reach people that you don’t know and help them change their financial circumstances. You may want to discover the world of the internet and how it can help you.

If this is something you would like to entertain, please get back to me.
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