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6 Excuses Stop You From Starting Your Home Business

Are Your Excuses Stopping You-










Your excuses  stop you from starting your own home business.  You moved into the New Year excited that things would be different for you this year. But, things come that stop you from starting your home business.  You are upset because you are stuck.   You want to get your business off the ground, but you are at your wit’s end.  You promised yourself!!  Your desires and passion put you in front of the computer to figure it out.


1-28-2016 6-32-40 PMI have been reading The War of Art by  Steven Pressfield. Steven calls this state, “The State of Resistance”.  This state of “Resistance”, keeps us in a state of fear and in immobility.  We fear the aloneness of being on our own.  When we go to a job, we have our co-workers and a boss and our duties are clearly defined.  When we start a business we are on our own, we’re afraid of being alone.  

We are going to have to figure it out ourselves.  The truth is we are never alone.  As we step out, the dream we have for ourselves sits like a little lady bug on our shoulders wishing us well.  If we call for our courage, in the deepest part of ourselves where the desire to better ourselves comes from, we will be able to support and sustain ourselves.  There are many out on the internet where there is free training to help you get started and figure it out. Don’t let your excuses stop you from starting your own home business.

Are your Excuses just Excuses?

The excuses we make for our selves, is just procrastinating.  Anyone can succeed if they are willing to go out and gain the knowledge and learn the skills that will make a person successful.  Say, you want to work online, or you want to be successful in a network marketing business, it will take setting the time aside to do the learning and then doing the work that is required of you..


If you make excuses and spend your time in front of the television, the knowledge you need to learn for your new craft won’t happen.  Regret word cloud concept

It is resistance to what your heart desires, to really change your life and your finances that stands in your way to make the move to move forward.  


Are any of the following 6 excuses holding you back from starting your own home business?

  • I don’t have the money. Is there  ever a time where you have enough money?  Before the internet it took lots of capital to start a business.Thanks to the internet you can start a business for less than $100.Work with what you’ve got. be careful not to buy every shiny object out there.  Make a decision and try to stay focused.  Concentrate on what will help you the most.
  • I don’t have the time. There is a saying, if you want something done, find a busy person, they get it done.How do people who are in business do it?  They make sacrifices.  They don’t watch TV, They give up socializing as much.  Focus on the time that you do have, where you are not sleeping.  Make the sacrifice and make your dream a reality.
  • The market is flooded. McDonald’s and Burger King are in the same market? If you want to do business on the internet, it’s a myth that the market is saturated. The market is ready for new ideas and marketing strategies.  You need to be willing to take the time and effort to learn and get into action.
  • I’m too old, I’m too young.  Are you on your deathbed? If you’re not, then you have wisdom and life experience that can go into your business. Stop thinking of yourself as old, think of yourself as capable with time and resourcefulness to succeed.  If you’re young, you have time, energy and motivation to learn new things to succeed.  If you believe in yourself, you can prove everyone else wrong and do it for yourself..
  • I don’t have the skills or experience.  That may be the case at this moment.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  Most entrepreneurs who get in a business do not know everything when they first get started.  You can accept that you’ll learn along the way ( and usually from your mistakes) or do something about it to make sure you do learn.
  • Who will help you? There is plenty of help out there.You must help yourself.You will need to look in forums, blogs, youtube, websites where you can learn and grow.  Your confidence will grow as you learn and overcome the obstacles that will show up.  Take responsibility, don’t wait for someone to help you ,move forward. Stop excuses concept.



What are your excuses for not moving forward?


Is your Resistance and your excuses keeping you from achieving success. Take the time to figure out your “excuses”, are they what is preventing you from what you really want? Or are you getting in your own way?Hand writing: In The End We Only Regret the Chances We Didn't Take


If you got some value from today’s post, Are you letting your excuses hold you back from moving ahead?, please feel free to leave me a comment below.  It’s always appreciated.


In Gratitude,


Johanna Baker

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Habits for a successful year


Habits for a Successful YearOld Habits - New Habits signpost in a desert road background

Let’s face, it, another year is beginning and we want this next year to be better than the last. But, we don’t like making a New Year’s resolution that we end of not following through on, because it will make us feel like a failure.


Instead, this year make a commitment to make real changes and develop habits that will make you feel great about who you are and who you want to be.


Many people have written about balance in their life.  How do you have balance in your life when you want to forge in a new direction that will truly make your life better.


From my experience, it can only happen if you make a commitment to yourself and you do it through a process of making incremental positive decisions and develop habits that take you in the direction you want to go.


Running a marathon is not easy.

Cross-country running man and woman together

  You can’t decide today that you’ll run a marathon a month from now.


  It’s going to take training for weeks and months before your body is ready.  


  My daughter decided to run a half marathon in her desire to get herself stronger and healthier.


She made a plan of how far she would run on each day to build up to the time of the race.  


Breaking her desire into manageable increments of distance and then increasing distance, making the sacrifices to do it several times a week made it possible for her to run successfully.


There are no magic bullets.  You have to put in the time and practice, and do it incrementally.


Reality Check

Health Work Career Friends Signpost Showing Life And Lifestyle Balance


Let’s face it, life is complicated


How do you balance wanting to get ahead in a side business, your family, your job, your health.


Truth is it easy to get way out of balance.  If you work too many hours, your health can suffer.


You spend so much time on your business your family suffers.


First thing you will need to do is assess what balance is to you.  You also understand that things change from day to day.  One day may be totally devoted to your family, your next may take much more of your time on your job and you still are doing something on the side, so there needs to be time for that.


If you don’t take care of your health, by the decisions you make about what you eat and the exercise you get, your health will suffer.


Priorities and Boundaries


Time is the essential ingredient of the entire balance problem.  It is important to be aware and schedule your time so that you can develop a routine where you have the time to  exercise. have the the time for your job, the necessary time to grow your business, and you can’t neglect the most important people in your life.

balancing stones

Put things on your calendar.  You want to have special time with your spouse or your family.

Checking monthly activities in the calendar in the laptop

   Schedule your personal time for paying bills,laundry, cooking, shopping,  personal growth, reading and listening to things that will make you a better     person and have a good attitude.

    In other words, block off time for what is a priority.  Sometimes things are out of balance because of what needs to be done.  Sometimes sleep                  suffers.  You just can’t do this all the time or your health will suffer.




Having the Slight Edge

Make the decision that you will do things to reach your goals and that you won’t give up on yourself.  Jeff Olson wrote a life changing book called The Slight Edge.  It is about turning simple disciplines into massive success and happiness.


Jeff Olson’s book,  The Slight Edgethe_slight_edge_review


There are a few people  who have made their dreams come true.  These people seem to have inner direction that does not let them stop until they reach their achievement.


They seem to have this Slight Edge.  Reading this book is a help in having an understanding that it will take more than just the how to’s to make the change in you that will lead you to success.


Why do so many diets fail?  It isn’t that they are put together poorly. I know for myself when I have gone on a diet and my mindset for the success of that diet isn’t there, I am not successful.  I have sabotaged myself in many different ways. How many people do you know that have done as well.


What do you need to do to make it happen?  Discover the one thing that will help you achieve your goal and a life long dream and the ladder to your success. As Jeff explains, it takes much more than the how to’s.  Not that they aren’t important, but the changes that lead you to success come from within you.  Once you discover how your philosophy…. creates your attitude …. creates your actions… which will in turn create your results


Jeff talks about the essential key being our philosophy and attitude.  Self help books, all the how to’s are not enough.  I encourage you to read Jeff’s book and create The Slight Edge in your life

Continuous Improvement

Start Small


If you want to improve your health and you are just getting started to exercise, start with 5 minutes, walk when you can.Papers with inheritance tax and testament form Notepad with healthy life guide, apple and measure tape


With your diet, make good food choices, write down what you’re eating for the next week.


Add things to your routine.


With your family,  write a note of gratitude to your spouse, write a note to your friends,  With your children, make sure you carve out some individual time time with them.


With your business, focus on improving a skill or learn something that you need to know.


If you are in a job, make sure that you are doing more than just getting by.  What if I hate my job and the people I work with.


Hating or disgruntled, that attitude will not help you get very far when you are in business.


To be a leader and help others you will need to have an attitude of helpfulness, appreciation, and gratitude.  00 quotation-gratitude-1


There will be times in your life where you will need to work harder, it will be OK.


Don’t be afraid, that sometimes you will not be successful or that it is taking longer.  It is during this time, we usually learn the most.


Your long term business success will come from making little improvements every day and that is where you will find your Slight Edge.


Having intention and commitment that you will pursue what needs to be done and to learn your skills will enrich your life and give you the success you are looking for.


So if you’re ready to make this next Your Year –  if you’re bold enough to commit, get the mentor-ship and help you need to build a successful business, with residual income – then go ahead and check this out!

You can Continue to Burn a Hole in (1)

To Your Success,

Johanna Baker


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Johanna Baker

Johanna Baker

5 Things you must know to make money

What is Your Self Talk?

Rags To Riches





Most of us love to hear the rags to riches story because it gives us a belief  that the average person can make it.  It’s part of the American dream, that opportunities are out there and if we work hard, it could be us. It does make us wonder why some make it and some do not.


You may have experienced watching the infomercial shows that were on in the 1980’s with real estate gurus telling you how with no money down you could make a killing or the people that were telling you how to invest in the stock market.  I was one of those people who watched and hoped that I could learn something that would work.  Unfortunately for me, they did not work for me.


Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to have a gift for making the right moves at the right time?.  Were they lucky enough to have parents  that were perfect and taught them the skills and a way of thinking that made it so much easier for them to win at anything they tried?  Was it that they were lucky to have a better education than you?


Do you know people that had perfect parents who gave their kids everything and they still messed up?  So it seems that the notion of having perfect parents may not have been the key to having them live a more successful life  every time.  So what is the difference? What is it that is so elusive?


Life Experiences and Choices


Let me tell you a  couple of stories  that will help illustrate how individuals were able to overcome obstacles, perhaps even more than we’ve experienced ourselves.  What would you think the chances would be for a girl born to a 14 year old unwed mother born in  poverty in a rural  area of Mississippi. and at age 9  to 13 she was sexually abused by men relatives..  What kind of emotional scarring would that have done to this poor girl?oprah_gallery1


At age 14 she had had enough and ran away  and was picked up to go to juvenile hall.only to find they had no more beds and she was out on the street fending for herself.  She became promiscuous and became pregnant.  She ended up losing her little boy.


After that she went to live with her father.  Her father was a strict disciplinarian and expected her to read a book a week and write a report on it.


He expected her to do her best and she lived in a structured environment.  It was here that she excelled and became an Honor Student and won awards in oratory and dramatic recitation.  This unlikely child became Oprah Winfrey who we all love and admire.  What was it in her that she did not accept that she would be ordinary? What experiences helped her see that she was more than the earlier life experiences she endured?


dwaynedyer Wishes fulfilledLet me tell you about another individual..  This is in his own words.   My mother had three small children under the age of four; and an alcoholic husband who walked away without ever providing any support. She placed one of my brothers and me in a series of foster homes, while my other brother lived with my grandmother until I was ten years old. This is not a story of pity or blame; it’s precisely what had to take place in order for me to learn about self-reliance first hand.”’  This man is Wayne Dyer who has helped millions of people to not blame their circumstances and become more, take responsibility for their life and start on the journey of personal growth.


When I spoke earlier about people who may have it easy in life, what may be missing in their life is emotional resilience.Trials and tribulations often make a person learn more about what they are made of.


In the lives of children who come from difficult circumstances,if they have a person who was kind and encouraging at some point in their life, their self image can be changed to a more hopeful future.


Start with your self talk


What are the elements that make the difference for people to have success? How you talk to yourself and what your subconscious hears makes a difference. Your thoughts affect the belief you have about yourself.  Your belief about yourself affects your identity. The strongest force is our personality is our identity. The way we see our identity needs to match our behavior.


One of the strangest things about our personality is that our identity matches our behavior even if our identity is negative.  This negative self talk is directly connected to our self image and our identity.  If you have a negative view of who you are then your behavior will follow suit to match the way we feel about our identity.  Let’s clarify what I mean about the effects of negative self talk.


There is a huge difference in feeling stupid, doing something stupid, because we all do stupid things at one time or another.  If you know you are stupid then everything changes.  It may seem like semantics, but it makes a huge difference in how you like your life and what potential you see for yourself


The negative self talk and the belief about who you are colors every single behavior of what you do for the rest of your life.  These limiting beliefs totally affect all of our decisions.


How does your self talk show up?

Limiting Belief Examples


You get a 60 on a math test.  I’m not good in math and need to figure out something in a career where I don’t need math skills.  A limiting belief


English is my second language so I can’t do videos because people won’t understand me.  Limiting belief.  Examples, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Ariana Huffington.


What about being 10lbs over weight and you look at your body and say I am fat. Another way to sabotage your identity.


I procrastinate.  So sometimes I procrastinate, don’t put yourself in the box as a procrastinator.


I’m always late.  How can you switch that around, to being a person that is sometimes late, so your blanket statement doesn’t put you in a box.


Everything turns to crap. Here you need to tell yourself, it’s a temporary setback.


Language affects who you are.  You must change your language, your self talk because your behavior will follow.  How do you change it?  When you hear yourself say something negative, say cancel, cancel that. Don’t allow the negative self talk poison you.


Change your language patterns.  As you change your language pattern, you will change your identity and you will start to change.


If this is something you are struggling with, I would like to recommend 2 books. Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Personal Power II Creative Power by William Walker Atkinson.  Both of these books are inexpensive and available on Amazon in Kindle version.  There are assignments to help you process and change yourself.


How to make more money from Home

What are the 5 things you must know to make money?


First off you MUST change your negative thoughts about yourself to positive ones.  If you are expressing yourself in negative ways about who you are, what you can do, you need to avoid doing that because this is a journey and it doesn’t serve you.


Talking about how broke you are, you don’t have any money creates an energy of lack and no amount of education will be able to improve it.  Embrace the journey and don’t sabotage yourself before you get to the finish line.


Recognise that your financial freedom is on its way and you are learning more and more on how to successfully make money from home.  Don’t allow yourself to stay in the doom and gloom that you may currently find yourself in.


Next Step

Change the questions you are asking yourself.


1 How can I make more money while improving my lifestyle and spending more time with my family?  Believe that you can do it. No negative questions about what why someone else is luckier than you


2  How can I take my annual income and make it my monthly income?


3 The next question is important.  It’s not how do I make more money, but how can I bring more value to the marketplace, solve more problems, be a Solutions Provider.


The 5 things you must know to make money and to live to your potential are listed below and said best by Mahatma Ghandi.


Valuable Quotes


You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.  Don’t make money your goal.  Instead pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can take their eyes off you – Maya Angelou


Your mindset matters. It affects everything – from the business and investment decisions you make, to the way you raise your children, to your stress levels and overall well-being. Peter Diamandis


Mahatma Gandhi  clearly stated the 5 things you must know to create the greatest potential in your life and to reach your heart’s desire and your destiny.

01 Mahatma Ghandi il_570xN.513789360_fw88
















You Can do it


I know that times are tough right now, but you can do it. You can create the lifestyle of your desires.  I am here to assist you.  If you got value from this, please comment below.


Did I help you? If so I would greatly appreciate your comments below and sharing this on Facebook.


In Gratitude,

Johanna Baker

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What are the Benefits of Blogging?


You may be wondering what are the benefits of Blogging and why would I Blog or even consider it?

In my last Blog I wrote about the fact that “Change is a Constant”  in our life.  Since the 1950’s with the technological revolution, it feels that change is speeding up.   “By 2020, more than 40% of the US workforce will be so-called contingent workers, according to a study conducted by software company Intuit in 2010. That’s more than 60 million people that will be contract workers.”  Find out more here.


If 40% of the work force will be freelancers, what changes will individuals need to be making  with so many no longer employed directly by companies and working as contractors? How will we stand out as the one that will get the job done? This brings us to a concept of becoming an expert and “Branding”.   Because,  we have all become Googlers for information on the internet, it’s important to develop a Presence Online where we can be found.  this is where the concept of “Branding” ourselves becomes important.

How can you help others with what you know?

What skills do you bring to the table? How could you help others with the expertise you possess?  Think about what you are good at and if need be, what could you learn that would be valuable to others that you can teach.   People are always looking for information and how to do something.  What unique perspective and expertise that makes you more valuable can you bring to the marketplace?

Josep M Rovirosa

You need to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you should have your own Blog. Even if you are an employee, you should have your own Blog.  Because of all the changes happening, we need to be thinking about a Plan B.  We need to be ready for what may happen next.


What would you do if you knew  if your job could change or disappear?  There have been articles written about how to become indispensable in your job. See it here.  To make yourself indispensable, you will need to be able to sell yourself and all the things you are bringing to the work you do.  This could make the difference in keeping your job.


For some, thinking about a Plan B, may mean starting something on the side of what they are already doing.  It may mean starting a business.  Gaining skills always makes us more attractive in whatever we are doing and is essential if we decide to venture out into something new.  If you Blog you will gain credibility and authority which will make you more valuable to the people who need what you have to offer.  Your job is to create valuable content.  This valuable content is just one of the metrics used by Google to rank how you will show up when Googled.

How would lawyers and attorneys benefit?

Every year there are 40,000 law students and only half of  them are able to work as lawyers.  Those are terrible statistics that half of the students don’t become lawyers. It sure makes you wonder what happens to all those that can’t work in the profession they chose?


Wouldn’t it be valuable for these students to be taught how to market their capabilities?   They should be doing this as an undergraduate. They should have a Blog and be  learning to Brand themselves. They will need to do this as an attorney and if they don’t become a  lawyer and end up doing something else.  Law schools teach them to know the law and become good technicians, but not how they will need to market themselves later.happy_woman


Everyone needs to Brand themselves, you’ve got to be ready.  You need to be at the Top of the Food Chain in Online Marketing.  When you decide to put yourself on the internet the skill  you will need to learn is how to market yourself online. Change brings with it a “Huge Solution Economy” and the need for people  to fill that need.  See the change as Opportunity and you will be the winner, filling a need that others have.  Are the benefits of Blogging a way for you to move your life forward?


Robert Kiyosaki says the only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time. Is all your time spent in front of the TV? Paul Zane Pilzer says that Prosperity comes to those who do things the fastest. What I believe Paul means here, is that when you see a need and you seize the opportunity to do something to fill that need and you move quickly, you have the best chance of success.


When you invest in yourself you are building your Brain Capital, this allows you to become indispensable. This investment builds your resume. Once you have the Brain Capital, you’ve got to be able to market yourself.  As a Blogger there are a number  of ways to make money.  The ways to make money will be discussed later.

Are you ready for the changes coming by 2020?

With the statistics of 40% of the workforce being independent contractors by 2020, it is important to look ahead and be prepared for the changes ahead.  Could Blogging be a way to assist you in this preparation?  Develop a Mindset to succeed and be committed to figuring it out.


Truth is that none of us can do this on our own.   Be willing to learn and ask for help.


I will be writing more about  Blogging and  what you need to know and do.  I am here to assist you.


If you got value from this post, comment down below.  How does what you are interested in, products or services that you believe in make a difference and offer a solution for others?

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Yours in Gratitude,

Johanna Baker


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