Why I joined Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge!!

Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge

What is the “Elite Marketing Pro Challenge?” Excellent sign

First let me tell you a little about myself and why I decided to do the “Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge”.

I have been in network marketing for many years and have had a great deal of frustration for myself and for my team members with talking with friends and family to build an at home business.

Knowing that so much business is now being done online, I was searching for a way that I could learn how to build my business successfully online and I was looking for a way my team could also learn a new way of marketing.

What made me take the 60 Day Challenge?

My dear friend told me about “Elite Marketing Pro” and I jumped in!!!

What I discovered is that  The Elite Marketing Pro program is so good it is like receiving a PhD in Online Marketing.


The Program is very complete. I really lucked out and was able to take the very 1st 60 Day Challenge taught by Chef Katrina and Chef Doug.

I thank Katrina and Doug both for the excellent Program they put together.

I learned about Blogging and creating Lead Capture Pages and Sales Pages and how to capture “prospects” who are also wanting to learn how to do online marketing successfully. A second 60 Day Challenge was offered and I jumped on it. Again, this Program was taught by Chef’s Katrina and Doug. The curriculum is being taught in even more depth. This is a work in progress for me.

What are the Benefits?

This Program comes with a Community. This community is there to learn from and is also there where you can ask questions So often in life and even in business you can feel isolated and alone.

Because this program is structured with a couple of Elite Marketing Pro Google Communities (which are Private until you become a part of the Program) a lot of discussion and help is available. You are in Business for yourself, but Not By Yourself. You may have heard that before, but in this Program, help and camaraderie is available. You are Not Alone.

We have a training on Tuesday’s and a Question and Answer Session on Thursday with Homework to keep you on track

How do you decide on a Marketing Strategy?

Before being a part of Elite Marketing Pro, I had no clue on how to even determine what Strategy to use or even to figure out what it might be.

We have a new Program that I have found to be an “Awakening”.  Ferny Ceballos after having tremendous success with his own team has put together a manual .”The Attraction Marketing FormulaThis is on a special right now. Ferny was an MIT Graduate and has been more successful and had more fun than when he was an Aerospace Engineer. He along with the Brilliant Tim Erway are teachers in this Program.

Here you will be able to figure out your own strategy.

So how does this Challenge Work?

Getting back to what to expect from this Challenge. Even though the 1st 60 Day Challenge was very succinct in leading us down a path of discovery of the many aspects and training available in Elite Marketing Program, it was still easy to become overwhelmed with so many avenues to choose from.

So what did I do? I started Blogging and continued to learn. Now with the second 60 Day challenge, teachers Chef’s Katrina and Doug continued with a very systematic approach, going into even more depth to help guide us all in the Elite Marketing Pro program to become better at Online Marketing.

Our job is to register for the webinars twice a week, once for the training, once for the Q and A and do our homework. Because the elements build one to the next, I get more and more excited. I believe I will get it and get good at it. This could be the avenue you’ve been looking for.

Hear from me why I love this 60 Day Challenge.

If you have an interest in learning how to do Online Marketing then I recommend that you check out this program. Please click here to find out more.



By now you discovered that this is in fact the only online marketing platform that will take you light years ahead of the crowd.

Do not waste another minute of your time….

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Effort will release it’s reward, only after you refuse to quit,

In Gratitude,

Johanna Baker


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