Why Internet Marketers Crash and Burn

Why do Internet Marketers crash and burn?


When starting on the internet and the Online world, it’s going to take learning specific skills set ,  having realistic expectations, and having the right mindset to keep at it until you get there.


 Man's Internet Marketing Evolutions

The things you will be need to be able to do:

  1. Manage a Project
  2. Manage Yourself
  3. Show up every day
  4. Know the tasks that need to be accomplished
  5. Stay highly focused on the tasks
  6. Know how to prioritize the tasks
  7. Know how to measure your results
  8. Know how to optimize your results


Many come to Online Marketing wanting to Fire their Boss.  I want to let you know that you need to exercise caution on the idea of firing your boss.


Why is this?  The New Boss has to show up and be Spectacular!  If you think that 5 to 7 hours a week will do it, you are kidding yourself.  To be successful, you need to put in the time and there is a learning curve to this process. Most have a problem with this, because they can barely show up on a daily basis..


It is mandatory to show up every day!  You must become your own task master.


What is the Solution for the Network Marketer?


Let’s turn the corner to tap into the Internet Marketer’s Solution.  We are in a Solution Economy  So whether  you own your own restaurant, you are an attorney,  a network marketer, an affiliate marketer, no matter what you’re selling a service or a product, you are providing a solution.


Whether it is makeup for women, skin care for women and men, jewelry, supplemental nutrition to solve specific issues or just to get healthier, legal work, high tech systems, they are all there to solve a problem that someone has.


You are tapping into the concept that you are a solution provider.Makes you want to put a badge on your shirt:  Solutions Provider!  Show up for work as a Solutions Provider!


This will be your new identity, no matter what you are selling.  This is the mindset you have to have to help people that you are providing a solution to a specific problem.  You should know what the problem is for your target market.


More to come on the Solutions to how to be an internet marketer that doesn’t crash and burn.


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Yours in Gratitude,

Johanna Baker


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