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Hello, my name is Johanna Baker  having worked for myself for many years, having my own Photography and Videography business  and then  moved to a  lucrative Network Marketing career.  I took my skills and moved on to become a Consultant in Online Marketing.  I entered online marketing because that is the way so much business is done now days.  This is where people are Googling and searching for what they are looking for.

After spending thousands of dollars to learn the various aspects of having success in the Online Marketing arena, I am here to share what I know and  shorten your learning curve.

I’ve learned that you need to provide valuable information and content to your Blog.  Ultimately, I want you to keep coming back to my blog and want  you to get as much insight as you can that will bring you success to be Online.

You will find lots of instruction on marketing online with tips and advice that I will share with you. I hope you find what I’ve written useful in your enterprise that will lead you to success.  It is important to know that I only promote things I use and believe in.

About Me

I am committed to helping passionate entrepreneurial home business owners.“Help revitalize, your true purpose and for you to know that there is So Much More to Come”

When you work with me you will receive valuable instruction, advice, education, training and inspiration to improve your life and business.  I am particularly passionate about both men and women being able to determine their future.

  • Assisting both men and women to succeed
  • Inspiring women/mothers to have self belief
  • Empowering women to define their own income
  • Teaching both men and women that they can employ themselves.
  • In one of my companies I achieved the Highest Award they gave to any of their Distributors.  It was “The Helping Hands” Award.  My commitment is to your success.

More about my Background

As a result of early childhood stories of my parents’ flight from harm in Yugoslavia to the Alps of Austria, where I was born, to arriving in the United States as a baby, my parents although it was a difficult start, were hopeful for a whole new future and possibilities.  Because of the war experience  my parents lived through and the hardships that happen because of war, early on I knew how devastating war was on people.  I chose my path as a humanitarian and  a protector of the earth which is our only home.

I have been a lifelong student continuously learning from books, courses and people, in order to discover a broader view of life.  I continue to have a global outlook knowing that all change starts locally and has to start with me.

I am a wife of now over 40 years, two daughters and grandmother of twins. I’ve always been a  team player who supports, and contributes to the family income.

I  chose network marketing so that I could be at home to actively participate in our daughter’s lives while growing my enterprise and developing multiple income streams. It has continued to be a lucrative and fabulous decision reaping infinite rewards.

I have had to deal with health challenges and through this process of healing, lots has been learned about perseverance and never giving up and looking forward for More to Come.

Even with the challenges that I have had to deal with,I persevered and I never, ever gave up.  The result has been that I have a thriving business and the joy to do it from home where my time is my own.

As I mentioned before, I felt the need to move into doing business Online and discovered that it was Not easy.  I did my  fair share of stumbling to discover that there are Tools and Training  and a method that can be learned to be able to do it successfully.  These Tools and Training opened up doors to my  success and understanding  of how to work online.

What About You?

Just think for a minute about yourself and your strengths. Men may find this easier to do, maybe not.  We all have strengths that will serve us. It’s important to take a personal assessment.  I am going to ask this, if you’re a woman, you’ve had to be organized, plan your budget, manage your time, get kids off to school, you have developed some very important skills.  You can use all these in any business.

  • What is holding you back right now?
  • Can you envision being financially able to afford all the things you want and need?
  • Try to see how it would be if you had the freedom to control your own finances and achieve the independence you’ve always wanted.
  • Imagine how it would feel to be in control of your destiny.
  • Sooner than you think you could find yourself liberated and empowered and if you were, how would it feel to you?

Working for yourself is liberating and giving you the freedom to be in control.  Whether you are married, single, a parent, whatever situation you are in there should be nothing standing in your way.  When I broke free from working in a job it was liberating. You will need to decide when that time is right for you.

If you are passionate enough to want to change your life and become free to live that lifestyle that you crave, then it can be done.  I am here to help you do it. I’ve had years of experience and years of extraordinary success to lead you to a successful and profitable business.

~Johanna Baker

The Revitalized and Awake Entrepreneur

“Help revitalize, your true purpose and know that there is So Much More to Come”

P.S.  What I learned is that the most important thing you can do is to invest in yourself.  No one can have a business for Free!!! Whatever business you are in there are costs to keeping it going and to be successful you need to invest in developing yourself as a person and a business so that you are on the road to success.  So many may believe that they can get by, by spending “pennies” and then go on to earn thousands on the internet.  You may believe that some are lucky enough to do that.  I  found you have to work hard, be consistent, keep yourself up to date through continuous learning.

Move forward every day with Hope and Determination,


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