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10356348_310414862460202_7086061676817096099_nA Leader to me is someone who has been through the battles and continues to fight.  Someone who has the experience to lead people onward when they are unsure of their own abilities and want to stop.  When people doubt themselves they either cling to a leader, or an excuse.  Johanna Baker is someone who has demonstrated for many years that she can be that person who has the determination and vision to help people succeed.  Johanna is a constantly evolving leader always willing to grow and expand her knowledge of this industry and the success principles.  Johanna is an inspiration to me in determination , grit and passion.  I am proud to call her a friend.

Chris Sanchez

President, CEO

Biometics International, Inc.

365 E. Avenida De Los Arboles, Suite 212

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
1518126_10152224814364831_2121019857_nI have known and worked with Johanna Baker for 17 years.  During that time she has shown an uncanny ability to lead people to the success they are seeking in many areas of their lives.

Johanna teaches to seek the best in yourself, then pay it forward.  In that way she is able to pass on her considerable gifts to hundreds along the way.

Her work ethic exceeds that of most people I have ever met. She works tirelessly to achieve her goals and sets an example for others. Johanna is kind, caring, forthright, extraordinarily bright, and wonderful to be around.

Johanna has had a most successful career in the great profession of Network Marketing. She has led thousands of people to success over these many years.

Guided by advice given by Johanna, one can expect to embark on a journeythat will have you learning about yourself, learning about your craft and learning to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

The skill set Johanna teaches is invaluable in attaining those goals we set in order to achieve our highest purpose in life.   Although these goals differ for everyone, with her support and guidance one has a great partner in helping to reach them; get ready to be positively transformed in many ways by working with Johanna Baker.

Janice Stieglitz
Network Marketing Professional
Million Dollar Earner


224690_7896214195_4319_nFor those of you lucky enough to know or work with Johanna Baker then you already know that you have found a quality leader with wonderful skills.  For  those of you who have not yet connected with her, let me just say what are you waiting for ???  Johanna is a skilled leader and has the ability to help you sharpen your skills to become a professional marketer ! She has had many years in this industry and knows the “ins and outs” of this field !!!

While she was not my direct leader, she was always there for me and I knew that I could count on her for the support and backup  that I needed. Johanna was never too busy to give me the time and/or advice that I needed. I have learned a great deal from her. She is loyal to her followers and a very genuine person who cares very much about those that she works with.

I consider her to be one of the most honest and selfless leaders in this field.

Judie Fenner

Pembroke Pines, FL.


Linda AustI would like to introduce everyone to Johanna Baker.  I had the privilege of working with Johanna for many years.  She is a highly intelligent woman and a very strong leader.  She is also has a calm and caring personality.  Men and women alike enjoy working with her.  Congratulations to all of you who decide to follow her in her endeavor.

Linda Aust

Pomona, CA



530468_3882986356959_1828744473_nI’ve had the privilege to work closely with Johanna Baker in a prior business project.  During that time, I witnessed her compassion and tenaciousness.  It’s very rare to meet a person who is so driven yet at the same time so intensely patient.  Johanna understands the value of investing in others, which is why she has touched the lives of so many.  I not only call her my business partner – but my friend…

Chuck Sumpter
Livonia, MI

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