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Basics of Network Marketing


Basics of Network Marketing You Need To Know

Knowing the basics of network marketing is essential for you to understand the road you are on. Network Marketing can change the financial status of your life if you know how to do it.  It is possible if you are in the right company and you are willing to learn some new skills.  For some , the continuous reaching out can be wearing if you don’t learn some new skills that will help you in your process.  There are many who have achieved an income of six- figures and the truth is it eludes many.  The reason for joining is to create a better LIFESTYLE.


So what is networking and how do you make money from home?  It is a home based business network marketing that you can do from home while you are still working.  There are some things you need to learn to do this successfully.10927930_l


1)  Invest

You will need to invest in the business, just as you would invest in a business where you would have a storefront.  The investment is much smaller than a storefront where you will have to pay rent for space, Buy products to sell, Electricity and heat, insurance, Employee costs, Advertising, and of course a Business Plan.  You will also have to invest in yourself to gain the skills to run your business with tools and training as well as investing in yourself to have the right mindset for success.


2) Business Partners or a network marketing downline.  

This usually starts with the people you know that would like to try the products you are marketing or people that you know who would like to create more income in their life and have business skills or are willing to extend themselves to learn business skills. To have success, there needs to be a simple system of duplication.


3)  Relationship Building

Network marketing business opportunity is always about building relationships and keeping them, instead of business scams as some believe.  The business is not just about receiving commissions from the referrals.  Unfortunately when there is lack of duplication, people get a bad taste in their mouth about network marketing.


4) Finding People who would be interested in your network marketing business.

For many, especially those without a large contact list, building a team becomes a daunting and often an unsuccessful venture.  When you’ve run out of the contacts you know, resorting to buying and calling lists of people who had expressed interest on an internet form, is daunting and packed full of rejection.  Because of this, I started searching for Tools and Training that could be learned on the internet where people could be drawn to you because of their interest.  This process is rejection proof and duplication can be assured and relationships built on mutual interest and trust.

No one wants a business but most are looking for a change in lifestyle.  Making this change in lifestyle should not cause you to go broke and frustrated,  talking to people who don’t want to talk to you. You can learn the skills to be successful.  For me branching out and learning skills on the internet broadened my scope and my reach and my success. I love this process and you will too.  Maybe this is the answer you’ve been looking for.


In Gratitude,

Johanna Baker

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