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The Problem With Prospecting and Recruiting on Social Media



This October will mark 10 years (2005) since I entered the network marketing arena and my life took a crazy detour into the world of entrepreneurship, deep personal development and experiencing more negativity than any human should have to endure.

The good news is that my friend Ferny’s story in this industry has a happy ending and he will tell you all about here.

I quit job as an engineer 2 1/2 years after joining the industry in 2008, became a 6-figure earner in direct sales by 2009, built a 7-figure internet company by 2012 and I am now the co-owner of an online direct sales company, which I first joined as an affiliate back in 2006.


My journey however was not without many fumbles, embarrassing moments and more prospecting faux pas than I care to share and I hope my friends, family & strangers I attempted to prospect have long forgotten the things I did. LOL

But here’s a few, so you have an idea…

Have you ever invited friends over for some beers and very unsmoothly transitioned to showing the plan to a very angry audience? I have.

Have you ever tried to prospect your bartender, a few too many beers past ‘buzzed’ and have him respond with, “Is this Amway?” Doh! I have.

Here’s a good one… have you ever prospected a girl, while on a date as a “test,” because your upline told you that if a girl is not positive about your business, she’s not a keeper? Yep… didn’t turn out well.

And that’s about as much as I’ll reveal, because I’m starting to get really depressed remembering all this right now. Ha ha ha…

The point is, I’m about to cast some heavy stones at some networkers, but I just wanted to let ya’ll know that I’ve made mistakes too… but that doesn’t mean we should be going easy on those that are committing some MAJOR prospecting mistakes on Social Media and online.

In my day, my fumbles happened offline and there is thankfully no record.

Unfortunately, today…

The Internet Never Forgets and It’s Ruining It for Everyone Else

I once heard that success in business is all about ‘time’ and ‘place’. As a professional marketer, I would add ‘message’ to the equation as well.

Unfortunately, network marketers today are being taught online prospecting methods, which include the wrong message, at the wrong time and most definitely in all the wrong places!

Here’s the truth!


There is a VERY fine line between prospecting on social media and spamming people. I’m sorry to say that most network marketers have been turned into human spam bots by their upline and company leaders…

‘Disposable distributors’ tasked with the job of spreading the word about their company’s products or opportunity, at the expense of the individual’s reputation and risking the suspension of their social media accounts.

Just recently, I asked affiliates of my company to share examples of the WRONG WAY to prospect online, by sending me screenshots of the poor attempts at prospecting they receive every day…

The WRONG Way to Prospect and Recruit9-24-2015 4-33-10 PM


Successful entrepreneurs and networkers alike eventually learn the true secret to success and it becomes the foundation upon which their entire prospecting, recruiting and business building strategy is founded.

That secret being:


“People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt

The screenshots above are weak prospecting attempts from people who haven’t yet figured out that building a business is not about tricking people or finding the right copy/paste FB messages to send to strangers.

It’s about actually caring about people, becoming a person of value and being someone uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.

That last one is critical “uniquely positioned to help someone with their problems.”

Any idiot can copy and paste a message into the Private Message function on Facebook.

What sets you apart from the rest of the desperate reps hitting people’s inboxes with their new “ground floor” opportunities or cash programs?

Now this doesn’t mean, prospecting online doesn’t work. I know some very skilled recruiters who are excellent at online prospecting, but just like offline prospecting, they’ve devoted the time and effort to learn this very difficult skill and have mastered it. And if that’s the strategy you want to deploy, you need to do it right or else!

But if you’re still a little fuzzy on whether you are a spammer or not, here’s a guide of sorts…

Top 5 Warning Signs That Your Prospecting Efforts are Actually SPAM

1) You first private message to a stranger on social media includes a link to join your opportunity.

2) You get angry replies via private messaging and/or you have been reported as a spammer.

3) You post links to your opportunity or website in the comments section of other people’s social media posts

4) You compulsively want to talk about your company or products, without anyone asking you to share.

Finally… this one is the most important one…

5) You engage in interactions online, with a hidden agenda, hoping to transition the topic to something that would get people interested in your opportunity, without caring about knowing the other person.

This last one for me is a big one but could also be controversial.

After all, #5 is the very definition of prospecting (online or offline), which even when done right… can still feel awkward, result in people getting angry at you and very unleveraged, which is why I eventually decided to stop prospecting all together.

But here’s the interesting thing…

“When I Stopped Prospecting People, My Business Started Growing!”

I can’t tell you how relieved and at peace I felt, when I once again, was able to go out with my friends, visiting a family member’s home or be in a public place without having to think about prospecting anyone.

Just enjoying being normal again, was incredible, after two years of being taught by my upline that “everyone was a prospect” and approaching every conversation with a hidden agenda, I was free!


That’s because it wasn’t until I STOPPED prospecting, that my business actually started growing!

Weird, right?

At this point, you may be asking, “then how the hell did your business grow?”

Well before I answer that, I have to say that there are people who are very skilled prospectors and recruiters who completely disregard the issues I mentioned above.

They knowingly and without shame, approach every interaction with a stranger as a prospecting opportunity.

Getting yelled at or cursed out by prospects is no big deal, as long as some people say ‘yes.’

And just like doing it right offline, there’s a way to successfully do it online as well. After learning and becoming very good at prospecting, I decided that I didn’t want to build my business this way.

The problem with prospecting in general, as it’s normally taught, is that the mindset going in, is still about what YOU want people to do and about manipulating people into doing what you want them to do.

In other words, it’s about YOU, not them. I didn’t like that, but I still did it for a little while… until I did find a better way.

The More Leveraged Alternative to 1-on-1 Prospecting, Which Won’t Make You Feel Like a Cheap Sales Man

Now, I am not trying to be high and mighty about all this prospecting stuff, because I’m not.

If it came down to feeding my family with ‘stone cold’ prospecting tactics or my kids starving, I choose stone cold prospecting every time, without remorse.

But the reason I was able to quit prospecting was because, with the help of some extraordinary mentors, I eventually discovered an online recruiting strategy, which…

Enabled me to recruit more people in 1 Day, than the most skilled recruiter in the world can do in 1 month I was able to passively generate leads, customers and new reps – even when I was out having fun with friends and family.

(Hence why I didn’t have to worry about prospecting them!)

Rather than spending hours spamming or private messaging people on social media, I learned how to legitimately get Facebook and other networks to actually help me attract the people who are most interested in what I have to offer, using their ads platform! (i.e. going legit!)

In fact, every day for almost 8 years now, I’ve awoken to an email inbox full of notifications for new leads, new customers, new team members and commissions I earned while sleeping!

This strategy is called ‘attraction marketing’, which is an internet marketing strategy designed for networkers and people in direct sales!

You see, if your business depends on you being on social media, sending private messages or commenting on people’s posts all day, you are NOT doing internet marketing … despite what you may have been led to believe.

Online prospecting and internet marketing are NOT the same thing!


Internet marketing is a passive strategy, which works, even when you are not.

If you want to learn how it works, I actually reveal the entire strategy I’ve used for the past 8 years, in a free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here.

You’ll also get more details about a book I wrote, which is goes into the nuts n’ bolts of my recruiting & selling formula.

Now if traditional prospecting online or offline is your thing and you want to stick to that, by all means, go for it.

My friends, Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, Todd Falcone and Tim Sales are all about that stuff.

(And they do ‘attraction marketing’ too!)

For me, there was simply a certain way I wanted to live my life and that was more important.

I would much rather make a ton of money in my business first and then have my friends and family beg me to tell them more about it it.

It’s much better than begging my friends and family to join a business which isn’t making any money.

Which would you prefer? Exactly!


To your success,

Ferny Ceballos
Author of Attraction Marketing Formula

Johanna Baker

The Revitalized and Awake Entrepreneur

“Help revitalize, your true purpose and know that there is So Much More to Come”

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Johanna Baker

Johanna Baker











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How To Create Multiple Streams of Income


 What are Multiple Streams of Income?

 Have you heard people say they have multiple streams of income?  What does that actually mean? How to create  multiple streams of income that will pay you?Multiple-streams-of-income


Let me tell you a little of my story so you can see how my evolution has taken place.  I originally got involved in MLM or network marketing.  I have to tell you that it can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. I love Direct Selling and the products I’ve represented. There are some truths about building your network marketing venture, that you may not be aware of.  It takes time to grow a large organization and make an income that will support you and your family.


The percentages  on what you will be paid are small, in a network marketing company that’s why you need a very large team to be able to make it.  The long term residual income is what your reward will be.  I have experienced this for over 20 years.  

When I say it can be a bit of a roller coaster ride, many things can happen that can erode the income you’re building.  This can be from the company side where there are problems or even from the organizational leadership above you or below you.  This is not to discourage you, but to let you know that creating other income streams at the same time will benefit you as your business grows.


The reason I bring these things to your attention, is that when a leader or company tells you that you shouldn’t create multiple streams of income, it’s for their benefit not yours.  You need to be looking out for your well being and the well being of your family.eggs1basket-300x212


There are many network marketing companies that have products that people want and will buy, even if they are not in that business.  You want to be with a company where people want what you have.  In the meantime, as you are growing your business, you can develop additional  streams of income to help you and your family.  I will be explaining more about the ways you can do this.


Leaders in your network marketing business may tell you  they want your total focus.  They will tell you, you can’t chase 2 rabbits at the same time.  While this is true, .you can get involved in affiliate programs, that will assist you in building your business.   You can take advantage of opportunities to widen your horizon and your income possibilities.  Whatever you do, you need a business mindset and have the determination that you will succeed.


When you look at any business, the biggest component of success is traffic.  If you don’t have enough people coming to take a look at what you have, you will not succeed.  Being able to drive traffic to an offer is critical to your success.  That way the people who want what you have, can find you. When you have traffic you can drive traffic to multiple streams of income and multiple businesses.


Some diversification can be in the form of affiliate offers that can come in the form of teaching and training.  There are also affiliate programs for systems, good books and software.  Even Amazon has an affiliate program. This can be another stream of income


Another way to create income is to sell things on eBay or Amazon.  There are programs that will teach you how to drop ship from Sears, Overstock,  Amazon and more.  The old buy low, sell higher, is being done by many people.ebay-amazon-image


Do you remember when you learned about the Gold Rush?  There were people who got rich from the gold, but there were many more who got rich by selling the prospector’s tools for finding gold.  That was the time when Levi-Strauss made their inroads in selling jeans.  Prospectors needed  good clothing that would hold up to the elements and Levi-Strauss jeans fit the bill.


Levi-Strauss made a fortune selling jeans to Prospectors.  Prospectors also needed picks and shovels and other various tools..  Those entrepreneurs who filled a much needed niche became rich.


What do you think is one of the biggest tools needed nowadays for working online? It’s traffic.  The common denominator to all of this is learning to market online. Learn how to create converting offers and marketing these offers will lead you to success.  The primary focus is driving traffic.  Get enough eyes on what you are marketing and the conversions will take place.broadband-internet-lines


There is no crystal ball as to which companies will make it and which ones won’t.  When you know how to drive traffic, you can do this to any number of different offers and different products and different companies.  With any home business the focus has to be driving traffic.  When you’re not making enough money in one business, you can add another business.  


Your job is to make money for your family. One of the most important skills in online marketing is to learn how to drive traffic.  You need to learn that skill and then it’s easy to diversify.  As an example “Shark Tank”  Mark Cuban, had an entrepreneurial spirit as a child. He made his first fortune as a salesman in technology.


He built relationships.  Relationships are the cornerstone for success no matter what you do.  Even when you learn to drive traffic, you will need to build relationships and trust.   After his success as a salesman he decided to venture out and founded a company called MicroSolutions, which he later sold to CompuServe. He later branched out and started a company that streamed radio on the internet.  He  diversified and later got into Sports buying the Dallas basketball team “The Mavericks.”   The reason I brought him up, is you have to start where you are before you branch out. Many successful people have more than one business to develop multiple streams of income.


What do you think the market needs as far as tools? In the online arena people need training on how to do things successfully online.  They also need to learn how they can drive traffic to what they are marketing.   Your job is to learn how to monetize what you do and develop several streams of income so that you always have income coming in from several sources. Stay focused and learn how to drive traffic, then you have more freedom and choices.


Build assets for your company, work with leaders that can help you and show you how to do this. 540_293_resize_20130801_d79b35ac71d17b94bef61c4fc512acfa_jpg


I’d like to introduce you to my partner Ankur, who will let you know about an opportunity to learn how to drive traffic as well as online training.  Click here to learn more.


I am here to help you be successful and learn the skills that will help you become profitable and create the lifestyle you are looking for,

I look forward to assisting you.

If this has been helpful to you, I welcome your comments and sharing this with others.


Johanna Baker

The Revitalized and Awake Entrepreneur

“Help revitalize, your true purpose and know that there is So Much More to Come”

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Johanna Baker

Johanna Baker











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Why I joined Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge!!

Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge

What is the “Elite Marketing Pro Challenge?” Excellent sign

First let me tell you a little about myself and why I decided to do the “Elite Marketing Pro 60 Day Challenge”.

I have been in network marketing for many years and have had a great deal of frustration for myself and for my team members with talking with friends and family to build an at home business.

Knowing that so much business is now being done online, I was searching for a way that I could learn how to build my business successfully online and I was looking for a way my team could also learn a new way of marketing.

What made me take the 60 Day Challenge?

My dear friend told me about “Elite Marketing Pro” and I jumped in!!!

What I discovered is that  The Elite Marketing Pro program is so good it is like receiving a PhD in Online Marketing.


The Program is very complete. I really lucked out and was able to take the very 1st 60 Day Challenge taught by Chef Katrina and Chef Doug.

I thank Katrina and Doug both for the excellent Program they put together.

I learned about Blogging and creating Lead Capture Pages and Sales Pages and how to capture “prospects” who are also wanting to learn how to do online marketing successfully. A second 60 Day Challenge was offered and I jumped on it. Again, this Program was taught by Chef’s Katrina and Doug. The curriculum is being taught in even more depth. This is a work in progress for me.

What are the Benefits?

This Program comes with a Community. This community is there to learn from and is also there where you can ask questions So often in life and even in business you can feel isolated and alone.

Because this program is structured with a couple of Elite Marketing Pro Google Communities (which are Private until you become a part of the Program) a lot of discussion and help is available. You are in Business for yourself, but Not By Yourself. You may have heard that before, but in this Program, help and camaraderie is available. You are Not Alone.

We have a training on Tuesday’s and a Question and Answer Session on Thursday with Homework to keep you on track

How do you decide on a Marketing Strategy?

Before being a part of Elite Marketing Pro, I had no clue on how to even determine what Strategy to use or even to figure out what it might be.

We have a new Program that I have found to be an “Awakening”.  Ferny Ceballos after having tremendous success with his own team has put together a manual .”The Attraction Marketing FormulaThis is on a special right now. Ferny was an MIT Graduate and has been more successful and had more fun than when he was an Aerospace Engineer. He along with the Brilliant Tim Erway are teachers in this Program.

Here you will be able to figure out your own strategy.

So how does this Challenge Work?

Getting back to what to expect from this Challenge. Even though the 1st 60 Day Challenge was very succinct in leading us down a path of discovery of the many aspects and training available in Elite Marketing Program, it was still easy to become overwhelmed with so many avenues to choose from.

So what did I do? I started Blogging and continued to learn. Now with the second 60 Day challenge, teachers Chef’s Katrina and Doug continued with a very systematic approach, going into even more depth to help guide us all in the Elite Marketing Pro program to become better at Online Marketing.

Our job is to register for the webinars twice a week, once for the training, once for the Q and A and do our homework. Because the elements build one to the next, I get more and more excited. I believe I will get it and get good at it. This could be the avenue you’ve been looking for.

Hear from me why I love this 60 Day Challenge.

If you have an interest in learning how to do Online Marketing then I recommend that you check out this program. Please click here to find out more.



By now you discovered that this is in fact the only online marketing platform that will take you light years ahead of the crowd.

Do not waste another minute of your time….

Click here now for immediate access.

Effort will release it’s reward, only after you refuse to quit,

In Gratitude,

Johanna Baker

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Why Blog?

Why Blog?

In this day an age with so much on the internet you might ask “Why Blog”? The answer may be simpler than you think. You have a business.  You have a replicating website.  You are pretty darn excited about your products,  your business partners.  They have been guiding you with the steps of contacting the people you know.  You have been doing that.  You’ve had some success and you’ve had some in your face rejection as well.  You are strong and motivated and you aren’t going to let anything stop you from achieving the financial independence you seek

Eventually you will need to reach out to people that you don’t know.  What are people looking for when they are looking for a home business?Blogger writing - Blog - on a virtual interface

  1. They are looking for someone they can believe in and trust.
  2. They are looking for someone who can lead them to success.
  3. They are looking for a System and a group of people who will support them, so they aren’t trying to figure it out themselves.
  4. They are  looking for credibility of the company and their products.
  5. They are looking for products they can believe in.
  6. They are looking for a way to make money as soon and as easily as possible.

When someone does not know you and they are looking at your opportunity, what do you think they are going to do to find out about who you are?  They will Google you?  You need a Blog, so that you have an internet presence.  If people don’t know you, the first steps in any kind of sales process is that they need to know who you are, like you and trust you.

How will that happen if you have never done anything on the internet?  So, the answer to the question of “Why Blog” is simple.  You need to create an internet presence.  So, how are you going to do that?  Let me tell you a little of my story on how I entered into the world of the Internet.  I was pretty nervous, because although I loved people and had been successful in working with and guiding people, I knew nothing about how to have an internet presence.

I joined a program called EMP which is a program that teaches you all the elements of doing things online successfully. It’s actually a PhD Program of how to work on the internet.  I didn’t know anything about Blogging or having an internet presence.  I did learn about Blogging, how to create a Sales Funnel, how to use Social Media and much, much more.  The bottom line about being on the internet, is that it just like working with people you already know,  it is all about building relationships.  The only difference is that they start out online.

My question to you is when will you be ready to put your toe in the water and expand your horizons to the big world of the internet?

Please share this blog if it gave you food for thought about what you want to do next. If you want to learn more about how you can do this, please contact me  and  will guide you to your next step.

In gratitude,

Johanna Baker




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Basics of Network Marketing


Basics of Network Marketing You Need To Know

Knowing the basics of network marketing is essential for you to understand the road you are on. Network Marketing can change the financial status of your life if you know how to do it.  It is possible if you are in the right company and you are willing to learn some new skills.  For some , the continuous reaching out can be wearing if you don’t learn some new skills that will help you in your process.  There are many who have achieved an income of six- figures and the truth is it eludes many.  The reason for joining is to create a better LIFESTYLE.


So what is networking and how do you make money from home?  It is a home based business network marketing that you can do from home while you are still working.  There are some things you need to learn to do this successfully.10927930_l


1)  Invest

You will need to invest in the business, just as you would invest in a business where you would have a storefront.  The investment is much smaller than a storefront where you will have to pay rent for space, Buy products to sell, Electricity and heat, insurance, Employee costs, Advertising, and of course a Business Plan.  You will also have to invest in yourself to gain the skills to run your business with tools and training as well as investing in yourself to have the right mindset for success.


2) Business Partners or a network marketing downline.  

This usually starts with the people you know that would like to try the products you are marketing or people that you know who would like to create more income in their life and have business skills or are willing to extend themselves to learn business skills. To have success, there needs to be a simple system of duplication.


3)  Relationship Building

Network marketing business opportunity is always about building relationships and keeping them, instead of business scams as some believe.  The business is not just about receiving commissions from the referrals.  Unfortunately when there is lack of duplication, people get a bad taste in their mouth about network marketing.


4) Finding People who would be interested in your network marketing business.

For many, especially those without a large contact list, building a team becomes a daunting and often an unsuccessful venture.  When you’ve run out of the contacts you know, resorting to buying and calling lists of people who had expressed interest on an internet form, is daunting and packed full of rejection.  Because of this, I started searching for Tools and Training that could be learned on the internet where people could be drawn to you because of their interest.  This process is rejection proof and duplication can be assured and relationships built on mutual interest and trust.

No one wants a business but most are looking for a change in lifestyle.  Making this change in lifestyle should not cause you to go broke and frustrated,  talking to people who don’t want to talk to you. You can learn the skills to be successful.  For me branching out and learning skills on the internet broadened my scope and my reach and my success. I love this process and you will too.  Maybe this is the answer you’ve been looking for.


In Gratitude,

Johanna Baker

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Harness The Power of The Internet

Geotargeting on BlackboardWhat is it going to take to be successful on the internet?

So what will it take to harness the power on the internet?  First it is going to take a belief about yourself that you are good enough to be successful and that you have everything within you that will make you successful.

First be kind to yourself and listen to what is going on within you , listen with an open heart. You judge yourself more harshly than anyone else will judge you There are things you will need to do to create a presence on the internet.

You will need to start Blogging, You will need to create videos. You’ll need to get out of your own way and step out of your comfort zone and be willing to teach others what you know. You will need to get through your FEAR of what others will think of you.

Join an Online Strategy Program that will teach you the skills of the internet. What are the key points? You’ll need a Word Press System where your Blog will be located. You’ll need to learn how to advertise.

Google has tools to help you. Google Adwords, Google Analytics. You want to write to reach people that are looking and wanting to learn how to be successful, just like you are looking. Post what you write on FB, Google+, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Twitter. Let people know you are out there.

Social Media is a great way to meet people and to start conversations.

Add 10 people a day and have a short conversation with them to find out out about them. Then invite them to find out more about how you can help them by giving them a link to add them to your funnel where their education process will continue.

Stepping into Leadership is necessary. If you don’t know what you will teach, join an Online Marketing Strategy Program where you can be taught and then you will be able to teach what you’ve learned.

Remember, being full of hype and promises for their success will not benefit them.

It will take work to learn the skills so you can step into Leadership and teach what you know. This may seem daunting at first, but believe me, there is a step by step process where these things can be learned and you will gain the confidence and success will follow.

Through this process you will gain the skills and be in a state of knowing something that you will be able to teach. You will draw people to you through the process of “Attraction Marketing”.

When you use “Attraction Marketing” you will be years ahead of others who are struggling, because you have mastered the secrets of the internet. You will have leveraged your time through daily disciplines and consistent action.

You will be able to spend time raising your children, spending time with your family while creating the income that will set you Free because of your daily actions. You are Branding yourself as the Leader who has the goods that leads others to being successful.

Use the phone to connect with people, offline and online.

People are looking to join a Tribe where they can continuously learn to be better. I believe that others want to be connected, just as I want to be connected to others who have a desire to create better life for themselves and their families..

Let’s create a life with more freedom which includes more money and time where you can make a difference in your family and your life. This can free you to pursue other interests as well.

I believe our Creator gave us life to live abundantly and we must take the actions to make it so.

Come join me at  in creating the life that you deserve to have by learning the skills you need to be successful.


In Gratitude,

Johanna Baker
408-272-8116 H
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