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Are you stuck……


Why would I ask  you, are you stuck?  stuck_in_mud_2_004







After the economic crash of 2008 things changed for me and I wondered if you also had dramatic changes that affected you after the crash of 2008?  The business I was in went into decline after what happened on Wall Street.  What changes did you experience?


Most people were caught off guard after a time of a great economy.  So many jobs were shipped overseas. Many, many people lost their homes because of the mismanagement of what the banks had done with selling and betting on bad mortgages. We as a society ended up paying the price for the banks bad and speculative ventures with a  big bank bailout.


Why do I bring this up?  Because it was a time of tremendous change,  many had to completely regroup to figure out what their next move would be.  Many had to downsize their possessions and put them into storage. Many were never able to retrieve their possessions.


Out of some people’s tragedy came opportunity, A & E has a series that is still going as we speak called Storage Wars.  Instead of going to garage sales to get bargains, people went to these storage sales, where people could find bargains.sw2_06132011_rk_1201


I’d like to have you take a fresh look at when change happens.  We know that change is a constant in our life.  Your brain should tell you when there is change, change brings problems, when there are problems, people need solutions, that is where you find opportunity.  This is where we as  entrepreneurs step in to solve problems. Not being stuck with our eyes closed, allows you to be open, creative, receptive to all the possibilities and solutions that will have you prosper.


When we offer solutions, we have prosperity.  What does prosperity do, it creates more change.  This is the Solution Economy.  You should embrace change and be mindful.  When you see a product or service for sale consider, is it one that is a result of change?  Not all are.


 Are all Products a result of Change or just making Products better?


As an example, a lot of women sell cosmetics, yes there are changes there because they are always making things better.  Because we live in a time of a quickening pace of technological change, some changes will be much more pronounced than others.


There can be monumental changes in technology and innovation that can change everything.  When there are big changes in science and technology, this is when  you as an entrepreneur, needs to tap in. This is where you can really win.   Check out the latest in stem cell technology and skin care.


There can be radical feats of innovation and technology and you need to be ready to see them.  Don’t put a spoon in where you could put a bucket in and really tap into getting your piece of the action. This is what we are doing when we work online because everything speeds up.


Online has been the big amplifier that has increased the velocity of this change.  Don’t you want to be a part of that? Things are not slowing down, the internet as well as the industrial technological changes are only going to be speeding up. Don’t be the one is stuck in the past.


You can stay stuck doing things the old fashioned way, or you can take a new look and see how the internet and learning to work online can make bigger changes for you.  In this day of age, you need to evolve or you will be revolving like those circular glass doors that keep you twirling around  in a circle at the entrance to hotels taking you around and around and not forward until you step out.  Have you ever thought about Blogging?  Do you need to learn more skills that can make you successful in the Online? andrae doors 5


If you got value from this post, comment down below.  How does what you are interested in, products or services that you believe in make a difference and offer a solution for others?

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Yours in Gratitude,

Johanna Baker


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