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Geotargeting on BlackboardWhat is it going to take to be successful on the internet?

So what will it take to harness the power on the internet?  First it is going to take a belief about yourself that you are good enough to be successful and that you have everything within you that will make you successful.

First be kind to yourself and listen to what is going on within you , listen with an open heart. You judge yourself more harshly than anyone else will judge you There are things you will need to do to create a presence on the internet.

You will need to start Blogging, You will need to create videos. You’ll need to get out of your own way and step out of your comfort zone and be willing to teach others what you know. You will need to get through your FEAR of what others will think of you.

Join an Online Strategy Program that will teach you the skills of the internet. What are the key points? You’ll need a Word Press System where your Blog will be located. You’ll need to learn how to advertise.

Google has tools to help you. Google Adwords, Google Analytics. You want to write to reach people that are looking and wanting to learn how to be successful, just like you are looking. Post what you write on FB, Google+, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Twitter. Let people know you are out there.

Social Media is a great way to meet people and to start conversations.

Add 10 people a day and have a short conversation with them to find out out about them. Then invite them to find out more about how you can help them by giving them a link to add them to your funnel where their education process will continue.

Stepping into Leadership is necessary. If you don’t know what you will teach, join an Online Marketing Strategy Program where you can be taught and then you will be able to teach what you’ve learned.

Remember, being full of hype and promises for their success will not benefit them.

It will take work to learn the skills so you can step into Leadership and teach what you know. This may seem daunting at first, but believe me, there is a step by step process where these things can be learned and you will gain the confidence and success will follow.

Through this process you will gain the skills and be in a state of knowing something that you will be able to teach. You will draw people to you through the process of “Attraction Marketing”.

When you use “Attraction Marketing” you will be years ahead of others who are struggling, because you have mastered the secrets of the internet. You will have leveraged your time through daily disciplines and consistent action.

You will be able to spend time raising your children, spending time with your family while creating the income that will set you Free because of your daily actions. You are Branding yourself as the Leader who has the goods that leads others to being successful.

Use the phone to connect with people, offline and online.

People are looking to join a Tribe where they can continuously learn to be better. I believe that others want to be connected, just as I want to be connected to others who have a desire to create better life for themselves and their families..

Let’s create a life with more freedom which includes more money and time where you can make a difference in your family and your life. This can free you to pursue other interests as well.

I believe our Creator gave us life to live abundantly and we must take the actions to make it so.

Come join me at www.AskJohannaHow.com  in creating the life that you deserve to have by learning the skills you need to be successful.


In Gratitude,

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