Stuff Breaks Down

Stuff Breaks down

3:05 Friday afternoon

I’ve been washing clothes getting ready for the weekend and the washing machine stops. Water and clothes still in the washer, partially spun, it could have been worse, the machine could have been full of water, it stops. Can’t be revived. You know how it is, best laid plans and you have to take a detour. So what to do?home disasters

I remember we have a Service plan for the appliances. I give them a call, they can’t come out till next Wednesday. Good news, it won’t cost us anything when the repairman arrives, but we need to wait 5 days. Groan….

It seems that these hiccups happen to us all the time. They come to us in all different kind of ways. So how do you stay on track with where you want to go when as the saying goes “life gets in the way.” For me it has to do with intention and the desire of where I want to go and that its stronger than the things that take me away from my intended tasks and ultimately my goals.

For me I need to calm myself down after the interruptions. Take some deep breaths and forgive myself for my own upset and get my bearings again to stay on track. I am a pretty disciplined person and I still have trouble getting refocused to get back to what I was doing and getting myself back into a state where I can do that. Often times more things come up that need to be dealt with. If it has to do with people, they most often take priority. It is very easy to get swept up with the urgent and never get to the important.

How do you prioritize?

So what do you do to stay sane, deal with the urgent, and also not forget the important before they become urgent and then it may too late. Identifying and prioritizing is what will serve you best. Having enough flexibility to deal with what comes up and having a plan that lets you get the important done and worked on so you can reach your goal.

What are you going to do if you want your life to run more smoothly, you want to be able to make your life be more productive and get results? Its not going to happen by just wishing things won’t be getting in your way. First you will need to forgive yourself. Quit beating yourself up.

When you look at your life and the direction you are going, you need to make an assessment about how much are things bothering you. Do you need to make some changes so that you can get back on track? . Are you fighting your own nature?, Are you listening to your heart ? Is the direction you are going, getting you where you want to go?

Things need to start with the first step. You can’t run a marathon, exercising and running only once a week. Make a to do list, set an intention of where you want to go and decide to do it. When you feel you have more control of your work, you will start to feel better. You will start to make progress.

Just as the washing machine breaks down, we may have lapses, breakdowns, we need to pick ourselves up and start again. Learn to be kind to yourself and believe in yourself and that you and your goals are worthy of being achieved and that you will get there. Loving yourself through this process is essential as you continue to grow and and achieve a better you. With your determination, you will be able to achieve your goals of creating a better life for yourself and your family. Keep believing in you, your goals and your deepest desires and Dreams. As Winston Churchill said, “ Never , Never, Never give up”.

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