Shocking Truth About Most Marketing Leaders

What Are Your Marketing Leaders Not Telling You?

Most “Network Marketing Leaders” are not telling you everything you need to know. Why are they not telling you? As you continue to read, you will discover why you have been struggling from this lack of information in your network marketing business. Most “Marketing Leaders” have been teaching what they were taught about sponsoring, but maybe not everything they know.   And of course, you’ve been racking your brain trying to discover what secret you don’t know that is causing you to struggle.  You’ve asked yourself, is it your belief in your product? Is it a belief in your company? Is it a belief in yourself?


Is your frustration that recruiting people to follow you so that you can build a team, that is just making you crazy.   From what I learned in the many years I have been in network marketing, when you put yourself in the position of a victim and blame others you are in trouble.  But you know others are succeeding and making 6 figures, so you know there is something missing and you would like to figure it out.   Is your belief in the industry strong enough and your desire to be able to create the dream strong enough to keep going until you find the way to succeed? What do you think you need to do? Do you see that others are succeeding in your company? Are you committed to yourself and learning some new things that could make a difference?

Are your Marketing Leaders Lying To You

When you think of your “Top Marketing Leaders” that are making Six Figures;  are they lying to you when they tell you:

1) You need to make your list and contact everyone you know.

2) Share with everyone that is within 5 feet of you.

3) Learn to engage people in conversation and get your elevator pitch down pat.


Listening is one of the most important skills you must learn in your family and in your business. Listening gives you the opportunity to understand and ask appropriate questions. Through listening and asking the right questions, your relationships will improve.   Listening will allow you to discover more about who a person is and what’s important to them. This is an important skill to learn to be able to have conversations with anyone. Truth is, that NOT EVERYONE is right for your business, even if you talk to them and listen.


You can’t promote your business to Everyone.  So what do you do?  To build your team and do it the fastest way, I’d like to introduce you to a word………AVATAR.  An Avatar is a singular person who represents the perfect person who most likely will buy what you design your entire marketing system around.   The biggest mistake most network marketers make is, that they believe everyone NEEDS their product and EVERYONE can benefit from it. It is a mistake to market to everyone and the result will be that you Make Few Sales.


When you think about your offer, think about who would benefit from it the most.  Who wants it?   Who is looking for it?   Who is dreaming about their problem or their pain and is looking for an answer?  Why would your prospect benefit from your offer and what kind of challenge may they be experiencing?  Why would this be the Solution they have been looking for?  How will this product benefit them after they purchase it?

How do you figure out who your Perfect Customer Avatar is?

Think carefully about who the person is that is your perfect Avatar.  It will be easier to market and present when you can offer the solution to their pain.

1)  What are the Challenges and pains your prospect is dealing with everyday?

2)  How can you help your avatar solve their specific problems?

3)  What is the typical day like for your avatar?

4)  Give your Avatar a name.


What do they do for a living?  How old are they?  Family? Married?  Working?  Describe them in as much detail as you can. Go into detail.   This is a simple exercise to create your Avatar.  Once this is done,  you can create advertising and offers to them, that will  bring  quality distributors into your business.   The truth is your “Marketing Leader” may not know about creating an Avatar. They are teaching you what they were taught. Problem is they can’t give you what you need to breakthrough, to be more successful in marketing to the right people.


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In Gratitude,

Johanna Baker



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