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Break the comfort zone or bank account stays empty

Life begins outside of your comfort zone. You can only

Look at the largest obstacle to your success and you will find that it’s you and your comfort zone which leaves your bank account empty. You need to break the comfort zone you’re in to make the empty bank account grow.   That may be hard to hear and so let me explain it in a way that you can understand so that you don’t continue to self-sabotage yourself unintentionally.

When you skin your knee when you’re starting to walk and run, you are developing new skills in life. Why would you think that when you start a business online, that you wouldn’t have bumps and hurdles that you need to cross?

What does raising a child have to do with owning your own business?

Let me ask you a question?  Do you have a child or children?  Do you know there will be discomforts and not knowing exactly what you are doing when you raise a child?  

Wouldn’t the same hold true as you move into the world of business and the world of working online?  Being in the home business arena and the online arena is one of the most lucrative practices in the world today.

Are your Actions in Line with Your Expectations?

If your expectations of being an entrepreneur are not in line with the actions you take  you will justify why the money is not following.  In all reality, the path is simple but never easy to the life-changing profits in business.

Today you deserve to know that you deserve to experience those life-changing profits in business.  So what should you look at to have a new career as an entrepreneur?  Let me ask you a question.  Again, to my previous question, do you have a child or children? If you don’t do you know someone who does?

You Deserve to have More in Life, right?

I’d like to give you an analogy that could open your eyes, to some major differences and similarities that need to be addressed in owning a new business.  This is important to know because it has to do with your comfort zone and an empty bank account.

When you have a new baby, the baby does not come with an instruction manual.  You do learn the differences in the hungry cry, the dirty diaper, the stomach ache, the tired,  the teething, the frustration of trying to communicate cry.  During this time, there are sleepless nights, you’re not always happy, you get tired, maybe even cranky, but the overriding feeling is your concern for the well-being of this new baby.  You love this baby, it is a part of you and you want only the best for this new life you are caring for.

When there is something wrong with your baby, it gets your attention.  It takes time for you to understand what your baby is trying to tell you.  Is the baby sick ? What do you need to do to for your baby to fulfill his or her needs?  Your baby  will pull on your heartstrings and you will try to find out what is needed.  This baby will have you laughing, smiling and feeling the joy of this new being that eventually will grow into a person that you will grow to love more and more.  That is your job as a parent.

Entrepreneurship is like having a Baby

Entrepreneurship is like having a baby.  You’ll have to practice some things that are not always comfortable.  You’ll need to put in some new daily habits into your daily routine that you’ve not done before.  

At first, these habits might feel a little uncomfortable.  Isn’t that always the case when you start something new?  It’s uncomfortable until it starts to be comfortable. Just like having a newborn, by six months you will be able to identify the different cries.  You will finally be more comfortable.

Do you know what is possible?

When you know what you have, it all becomes worth it. The personal change, the money coming into the bank account, the new skills that are no longer uncomfortable but have now become a daily  habit. The trust and mentorship of the team you have aligned yourself with is personally rewarding and financially profitable.

Who wouldn’t enjoy better sleep, a better immune system, experiencing  more money than month.? You could show someone a path to solving problems with a solution that is proven and that works.  A proven pathway with mentorship.  Who wouldn’t want to show someone a path that works?  Your business can become a passion.

You need to be sure about what you have that works.  If you are in network marketing what are the steps you need to do daily that will lead you to success?  Your business will not grow if you aren’t making daily presentations.

Do what’s Uncomfortable until it becomes Comfortable and a New Habit

Do the things that are uncomfortable until they become comfortable and you have developed new habits.  Learn new skills and become the person that changes your future.  There is greatness in each of us.  There is greatness in you and new habits can be created.  All is possible with intention and some grit.


In Your Service,

Johanna Baker



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